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Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Forms

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

St. Louis Missouri Bankruptcy Lawyer

Forms for Filing Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy_LawTo file for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy a petition, the “means test” and a number of other forms (called “schedules”) need to completed. The petition, “means test” and schedules are filed electronically with the bankruptcy court as part of the bankruptcy process.

The forms are required and will detail many aspects of your finances. Some of the information the forms ask you to describe:

In addition to the “means test”, there are other restrictions on who can file. Some restrictions that could prevent you from filing a Chapter 7 include:

  • Your debts
  • Your assets
  • Your current income and sources of income
  • Your current monthly living expenses
  • Property you are protecting from being sold by the bankruptcy court
  • Property you sold or gave away during the previous two years
  • Your income from the previous two years

To help prepare for filing Chapter 7 Bankruptcy, you should begin to assemble the following documents:

  • At least six months worth of paycheck stubs from your employer
  • Your most recent federal and state tax return
  • Copies of your most recent bills or collection letters

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